Safety Commitment Statement

At Yusen Terminals, Work Safe, Live Safe is our guiding principle.  This is not a slogan, but a core value.  Every member of our team will hold themselves and those around them accountable to the highest levels of safety performance.  We will work as a team to take action to improve safety in all aspects of our business. We will adhere to all local, state, federal, and PCMSC regulations and guidelines.  We believe all injuries and incidents are preventable and are committed to a goal of zero.  We will stay curious, open minded, and welcoming to new ideas.    

 Nothing is more important than ensuring a safe workplace for all employees, vendors, contractors, and visitors.  Being a member of the YTI team means there is no compromise on safety.

Zero tolerance compliance includes the following items:

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Wearing PPE at all times (Personal Protective Equipment)
Wearing Seatbelts
No use of cell phones while operating a vehicle
Adhering to posted Speed Limits
Truck drviers remaining in vehicles at all times
TWIC cards

Safety Security

Custom-Trade Partnership against Terrorism

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TWIC Information

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Program

Yusen Terminal is an active member of the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Program.  The TWIC Program will improve security by establishing a system-wide common credential, used across all transportation modes, for all personnel requiring unescorted physical and/or logical access to secure areas of the transportation system.

The TWIC Program will: