Phone Numbers

YUSEN TERMINALS LLC – Customer Service Staff Contact List


First Point of Contact for Trouble Transactions (When driver receives a trouble ticket/congested areas)

Trouble Desk, (phone: 310-548-8275, 310-548-8279 or 310-548-8262)


First Point of Contact for General Inquiries:

Automated Availability – YTI Lynx – go to, click on Customer Care Center, click on YTI Lynx button

Inbound Department (email:, phone: 310-548-8296), availability, demurrage,

Outbound Department (email:, phone: 310-548-8252) bookings, vessel close out

Yard Department (email:  phone: 310-548-8209) empties, CBP exam scheduling

Rail/M&R Department (email:, phone: 310-548-8219) rail issues, incident/damage reports


1st Shift Escalation Points of Contact

Tammy Duncan, Customer Service Manager, (email:, phone: 310-548-8240/ 310-261-3732)

Tracy Burdine, Director of Customer Service, (email:, phone: 310-548-8210/ 310-261-1913)


2nd Shift Escalation Point of Contact
Ron Brown, Yard/Gate Manager, (email:, phone: 310-261-3083)